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- SMICT Hardware Compression
- 240 Fps / 16 Ch.

--- Product Introduction
--- Product Specification
--- System Requirement


Intelligent SMICT compression technique

By using Chateau’s SMICT compression technique, VG4C-XP-V adopt it’s own intelligent Image compression Technique, which is develop and design aiming on the professional surveillance and monitor recording. We create our own hardware compression chip, DSP IC. Through it’s high 640 x 480 pixel full color recording, and its “Image Contract” and “Separation of front and back Image” technique built internally to separate motion object and compressed. Co-operate with it’s characteristic of “recording when movement detected” to substantially increase the compression speed to receive better image quality and effectively extend the recording time.

The most stability of the working system

VGuard system is developed in accordance with Windows 2000 and XP OS system.  It has it’s own stable system structure.  After a long term testing and the uses of other users, this had in procession of the most stability in both software and hardware.  The Watchdog function is built internally to automatically restore functions when computer is crushed, it can automatically restart the computer and restart the program.  This stable structure with the clever anti-crush design is to give you the safest protection.

Most truthfully and real time information

VG4C-XP-V can record 16 videos and 8 audios simultaneously.  No need to install extra audio recording card to increase the burden of the costs to have control of all the situation needed for immediate reaction.

Support the most PTZ and I/O facilities

Support PTZ control from the system.  You can directly control PTZ cameras to go up, down, right, left, turn focus, iris control and zoom in/out from the screen.  You can also preset point functions, Cruise functions and Auto Pan Functions.  Other than this, our system support 8 I/O connecting points for connecting alarm and detective equipments.

VGuard Hardware Specifications

  Video In Standard 4 channels video in BNC jack
  Audio In Standard 2 channels audio in RCA jack
  Video resolution NTSC 640 x 480 pixels / PAL 704 x 576 pixels
  Compression Technique SMICT compression Chip.  Dynamic Compression rate can reach 1:40~1:2400 max
  PC Interface Standard PCI Slot
  Watchdog Hardware type watchdog function
  I/O Each card provide 8 I/O points
  Recording Speed Maximum of 240 fps for 16 channels
  OS system Windows 2000/XP

CHATEAU Software Specifications

  Recording Mode Normal Recording mode, Recycle recording mode, program recording mode
  Monitoring Mode Normal Monitoring mode, Monitoring with detection area alarm triggering mode, Monitoring with detection area triggering recording and alarm mode.
  Auto Scan Under Recording and Monitoring mode and Monitoring mode, automatic enlargement of 1 camera each time for better monitoring.
  Image Variation Setting Can vary the brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue of the images
  Hard disk space availability This function shows the Hard disk space availability
  E-map Function Provide controllable e-map to locate the camera. (Etc, if got broken, disconnected or alarm triggered)
  PTZ/Dome Functions Direct control the dome under the system to move up, down, left, right, zoom in/out, iris and focus, preset point setting and control, auto pan function and the cruise function.
  Alarm Functions Alarm area to be set.  When alarm triggered, the voice messages can be send to preset telephone or mobile phones, or to send the images to the designated computers.
  Alarm log Will record the alarm activate time,and to chose the recorded time and playback image directly.
  Snap shot functions Snapshot at recording, monitoring, remote access and playback.
  Authorization setting The system supervisor can set authorization to have more safety ness to your computer
  Image Quality Adjustable compression quality and recording frames for better efficiency.
  I/O Control Provide I/O ports control, to let you connect with external alarm equipment.
  Multi-task Capability Recording, playback, remote monitoring and image view at the same time.
  Printing Function Snapshot can be print with date, time, taken place, and camera name.

Playback Specification

  Intelligent Searching Files for the locked cameras can be search rapidly.  A maximum of 4 cameras can be playback each time.
  File Mode All cameras save and manage the files in order of time/date.
  Search by Event Search by alarm triggered mode or alarm mode.
  Playback Mode Provide play, stop, playback clip, dragging, and fast/slow playback functions.
  Image Variation Setting Can vary the brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue of the images.
  Print Picture Direct printing of the clip
  Backup Functions Backup files using HDD, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, CD-RW, DAT, DLT, MO, ZIP, RAID devices.

.NET Virtual Central Integrate System

  Network Function Provide connections for different network through LAN or Internet to remote one or multi systems.
  Auto Login Network System provides the server to auto login network function and auto search when disconnected
  Remote Search Function Search for the images information, snapshots and printing function from the far end hard disk.
  Remote Live Image Remote access and record the live image from the other host system and the remote site can also record images.
  Remote Control To remote control PTZ, I/O port and to set the remote alarm detective area, recording snapshot, activate or disarm the alarm.
  Remote control Transmission

Under TCP/IP condition, support PSTN (56K Modem), Lan Internet, Intranet, PHS….

        * CPU: Minimum Celeron 2G or above
* VGA Card: VGA Card with AGP interface.  Recommended to use GeForce2MX200 64MB
   or above

* Sound Card: 32bit PCI Full-duplex sound card
* Ethernet Card: For Remote uses
* RAM: Minimum 256MB or above

* CD-ROM: For software and driver installation
* Hard disk: Minimum 40GB or above

* Power Supply: Minimum 350W depends on the number of the card installed

* Working System: Windows 2000 /XP


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